Mathieu Ferhati

Mathieu Ferhati

Mathieu Ferhati est l'un de ces bogosse sportif que l'on kiffe tout de suite avec son regard de braise et son sourire de loveur. Math est TBM avec une bonne queue de 19 cm bien épaisse et un coup de rein rapide et violent. Ce mec est infatigable au niveau sexe et vous risquez d'en redemander!
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Published: 2018-10-05

First scene of Fighters with Mathieu Ferhati at the top of his art ! This little slut of Anthony Cruz, reputed to be top will understand who the boss is. Math in boxer boosted joins the locker well venerate and will put to his fist Anthony who is going to seriously mischievous. Insults fed, good spanking session, sniffing the sweaty court before swallowing Mathieu's powerful cock to make him tears in his eyes. Puffing ass before dismantling Anthony's ass to yell in the entire locker room. For Mathieu a hole is a hole!

Published: 2018-05-07

Last episode of LIFEGUARD with the explosive reunion of the two terrible lovers. Kevin joins Mathieu on his boat which finds the memory and his lover. A scene of the hotest tour in the high seas with a Mathieu Ferhati explosive in every sense of the word. Kevin, our triton, satiated and thirsty for sex will take full mouth and full ass. Jaw removal, anchoring, widening and shelling of our amphibian friend's ass that even if he breathes under the water will have his breath cut off. A finale or the hot boiling hot juice of Mathieu sprinkles the corp ephebe of Kevin for his great pleasure!


Pour finir toute la magie de Noël vous attends dans cette 3ème partie où le petit Matthieu (Matthieu Ferhati) va découvrir au pied du sapin le jour de noël son Matt 3000, un robot multifonctions dont celle de satisfaire à tous vos besoins sexuels. Pas sur que les coups de butoir virils et puissante Matthieu ne casse pas le jolie petit cul et la bonne bouche humide d'un Matt Kennedy au sommet de son art dans un rôle de passif dominant époustouflant. « Alors mes amis ! Vous voyez que la magie de Noël existe toujours ! Il suffit d'y croire et aussi longtemps qu'il y aura des grands enfants pour jouer à des jeux pervers et lubrique, il y aura toujours un Smegolin pour vous les conter et pour vous servir ! Joyeux Noël mes amis et n'oubliez pas de ne pas être sage  »

This is part 2 of LIFEGUARD where Mathieu FERHATI and Gabriel DRAGUN save the life of the cute Will WOOD. Will is a journalist writing a story about a sexy merman. To thank his rescuers, he follows them to a bedroom to give his cock and his ass. The trio fuck and shoot their load. No merman to be seen but a perfect rescue for Mathieu Ferhati!


Mathieu Ferhati's preparation is crucial right now as he gets ready to face Greg Ken (aka Greg La Cagoule). Hot fight in wrestling lycra singlets. Greg is not able to contain the horny Mathieu and after a bit of struggle and a few slobbery kisses, he is forced to take the stud's big cock down his throat. Once fully erect, the young fighter's dick penetrate his opponent's ass with a vengeance! Hot!If you've liked this scene, download the Complete Movie now - Click on the button

Tiron (Jordan Fox) is looking for revenge and goes searching for Walker (Mathieu Ferhati). When he finds him he gives him the gift of eternal life. Walker wakes up at the dark prince's lair, who generously lends him his favourite cock-sucker (Greg Ken) while he plays with Edward (Kevin Ass). This marks the beginning of a supernatural orgy between two relentless night creatures and their sex-slaves not to be missed!

Epic confrontation between Walker(Mathieu Ferhati) and Tiron (Jordan Fox). The vampire slayer has wounded and put to flight Tiron. He now sets out to save Diego who's been beaten by the blood-sucker. The later senses an enormous amount of sexual energy invading him and he is in urgent need of treatment! Walker's got a cure for him and it's much bigger and thicker than a suppository!!!

Mathieu Ferhati joins the casting of "Schyzo" in the role of a sometimes romantic, sometimes rather bestial young stud. This scene shows all the chemistry between him and his partner, in a sensual moment of mutual fun.

Mathieu Ferhati has finally found a bastard to the height of his sexual urges. This beautiful bearded manly and macho look will take pride. Mathieu Ferhati is going to blast his mouth with his big juicy cock. In good subdued lope, the passive will be made to dismiss the cat in burst mode. Good asshole, sucks deep, fuck without restraint between guys who assume. Viril but good passive, it is the kiff of Mathieu who will show this time again that he is the boss and a world-class nikeur before which all the holes open. Even yours nothing when watching this video. If you've liked this scene, download the Complete Movie now - Click on the button

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