Published: 2019-03-21

Mathieu learns that a squatter is introduced into one of his agency's apartment but when Mathieu meets Hugo is immediately love at first sight. What's better in the morning of a night of intense love in cocks than to be woken by a good fuck and hot croissants.

Published: 2019-03-14

While Hugo seeks a solution for his home, Mathieu (Mathieu Ferhati), a handsome Parisian a little head in the air lives his debauched life with one of his lovers (André Madd) he loves to "tie." But sometimes Mathieu forgets where he puts his stuff

Published: 2019-03-07

Hugo (Hugo Tara), a young Brazilian on vacation in Paris has booked online a room homestay. Edouard (Edouard Scott), the owner with very pronounced tastes for domination, will offer Hugo a discount on the price if the latter agrees to get on his sling. Not sure that this swing will recall the good memories of Hugo's childhood.

Published: 2019-02-21

Dimitri arrives his ends but he will have to confront the agent Mathieu and there is another story. The agent Mathieu has the trade and quickly got the upper hand on the agent Dimitri that he will turn into a sexual object. An anthology scene between two alphas males.

Published: 2019-02-14

5 years after the first AGENTS X, the CREG 00SEXE agent is no longer and a new threat is emerging that could undermine the global balance of sexuality. This time the "male" comes from the cold and more precisely from Moscow. Agent Dmitri is determined to destroy our favorite gay spies. Led by MERE SUPERIOR, the international community of agents X joins forces via the defense protocol ALPHAS DU CENTAURE, but will that be enough to foil the SIBERIAN STORM that is coming ?

Published: 2019-01-29

Agent Gabriel is informed of the disappearance of Creg 00SEXE by Constable Petit Q but he has yet to prove that there is and will be heavy artillery out. Deep throat, asshole and juicy sodo on the program.

Published: 2019-01-02

Thiago our low-floor psychiatrist has converted into a real estate agent and shows apartments to young foreigners. When Alex, the young Austrian, joins him for a visit, Thiago takes the opportunity to negotiate his ass in exchange for the apartment.

Published: 2018-12-19

The British Gabriel comes out to Thiago, his Parisian psychiatrist. When Thiago asks him to tell him his fantasies, Gabriel becomes an animal and Thiago will discover and feel the big Big Ben of Gabriel.

Published: 2018-11-26

Porn version of the pussy (Thiago Monte) and her whore (Shawn Kroner) who signs her big return with her angel face mafia lieutenant at Don Thiago's disposal, the macro who wants a fuck to kiss will be served and will file Friend Shawn as a queen highlighting his embracing look when he has the mouth full of Thiago's huge cock and his round ass when he gets screwed like a bitch.

Published: 2018-11-16

Domiaddict et ses 2 potes séquestrent une lope, attachée, la lope sera violée et humiliée, déshumanisation par excellence, le bâtard est transformé en chien, summum de l'humiliation, pendant qu'il subi les sévices, les géoliers qui n'ont aucune pitié baisent une meuf devant le bâtard souffrant par terre. Ils iront jusqu'à le forcer à bouffer la chatte d'une femme.

Published: 2018-11-07

A town boss stops between two deals at a petrol station and a little white slut comes to light it. No worries gas but you're gonna kill. The superior follows the crevice before submitting it to its big perverse tail. He is going to scuff it like the last of the whores and to disassemble the bottom of the throat before exploding the glottis. He will not sprinkle him with contempt, without respect or consideration, of his royal juice of good man. Second scene from the Schyzo series. This film traces the course of Colby Kadirof, a serial rapist played by the magnificent Jordan Fox who in this role expresses his full sexual powers on the victims subjected to his evil desires.

Published: 2018-11-01

Theo (Ludwig) y Rico (Rico Fatale) se transformaron en una aventura deportiva en una fiera bestial y desenfrenada en los pinares de Cannes. Jodida boca llena, pipas de campo, roscas intensivas y ejac 100% naturaleza y descubrimiento en la cara de Rico. Scene 3 of the movie The salty taste of your sweet lips.