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Greg Ken

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Come and see how UPHOLD and DEGLINGUER a bastard all terrain in the hands of a ruthless and furious master. In this second scene of DARK, while Dante was taking care of the bastard, Greg managed to escape. Furious Dante appeals to the Limier (Doryann Marguet) whom he launches in pursuit of Greg. Greg is caught by a Bloodhound who is subjected to intense submission before informing Dante of his position. The Bloodhound decides in the meantime to put to Greg all the abuse that passes to him the head or rather by the tail and it is not the bloodhound but the limeur that Greg is going to have to do. The bloodhound begins by demolishing the jaw with his big cock before giving him a good spanking to the martinet. The unbridled Bloodhound will take care of Greg's ass by widening the hole with his fingers and his cock with blows of kidneys very powerful. Attached by a chain in her mouth, Greg will undergo powerful assaults before getting fucked like a whore offered on a sling. At the end of a massive sodomization, the Limier will finally spit its thick juice into the mouth of Greg who will drink it like whey.


Mathieu Ferhati's preparation is crucial right now as he gets ready to face Greg Ken (aka Greg La Cagoule). Hot fight in wrestling lycra singlets. Greg is not able to contain the horny Mathieu and after a bit of struggle and a few slobbery kisses, he is forced to take the stud's big cock down his throat. Once fully erect, the young fighter's dick penetrate his opponent's ass with a vengeance! Hot!If you've liked this scene, download the Complete Movie now - Click on the button

Welcome to the dungeon of one of the best masters in France! This is no place for vanilla or puppy love! This is the place where you can achieve your lifetime ambition of being a slave! Now just watch what could happen to you in this highly educational (and kinky) video...y the end of it, we expect thousands of slaves applications to become the property of one of our hottest masters!!!

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Two empty balls are made debug the holes intensively by the lords of the anus
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The best slave training in France!!!