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Plan à 3 deprave et au jus in Paris

When 3 hot guys get together in a nice apartment in Paris, it quickly turns into a hot, wet and depraved fuck. The passive one, Alex Paris, is going to get his mouth and ass fucked by the two big, hot and hard cocks of Thiago Monte & EGayBooster

Good feeding of a well licked bear

Baràm wants to ride his bike and he has given an appointment to a plump little bear who has a big desire to have his cock sucked and his ass filed. It falls the greedy mouth of our beloved Latino and his welcoming ass are ready to use.

Big white ass for big braquemart

He is known on the networks under the nickname of Big White Ass and his kiif is to be fucked well arched. Thiago likes all the asses but this one is very deep and very hot and is ideal to receive the big piece of our favorite Latino!

Intensive plundering of the wet ass of a lope

A little docile pussycat with a fat ass is going to get his anus atomized by Baram's big cock. An intensive and overpowering plundering of our favorite Latino!

Lecherous Santa for wise bitch

Baràm makes confide a mischievous slut on his muscular thighs. It must be said that he was very wise and deserved his big Christmas gifts, a maxi dildo and the maxi juicy cock of Santa Claus!

Mathieu gets Matt 3000 sex-robot
Mathieu gets Matt 3000 sex-robot

To finish all the magic of Christmas awaits you in this 3rd part where little Matthieu (Matthieu Ferhati) will discover at the foot of the tree on Christmas day his Matt 3000, a multifunctional robot including that of satisfying all your sexual needs. Not sure that the manly and powerful bumper shots Matthew does not break the pretty little ass and the good wet mouth of a Matt Kennedy at the top of his art in a role of breathtaking dominant passive. "So my friends! You see that the magic of Christmas still exists! Just believe it and as long as there are big children to play perverse and lecherous games, there will always be a Smegolin to tell you and to serve you! Merry Christmas my friends and remember not to be wise ”

A big present for Leo the goblin
A big present for Leo the goblin

Second part of our Christmas special where you're about to find out how Leo Rustine got turned into a Xmas goblin in the hands of Santa's helper (Guillaume Wayne). All I can say is: he gave him his cock and a wish! Check this out!

Guillermo stuffed like a turkey
Guillermo stuffed like a turkey

It's December 25th and Ridley Dovarez has is giving us an exciting movie where a naughty goblin (Leo Rustine) tells the story of a turkey on Christmas eve...Guillermo Cruz is in trouble and asks for help with the stuffing. Thiago Monte arrives...ready to stuff!

Hot fuck between Engelberth and Thiago Monte

Excited as anything, Thiago and Engelbeth made a date for a hot bareback shot! Good mouth and ass fuck between greedy Latinos!

Lecherous student on Baram's big cock

Baram comes across a student who is just leaving his last class of the day at the university. No sooner said than done, Baram spots that this chubby assed boy likes cock and he's in for a treat. Good blowjob and juicy sodo in an abandoned house, that's what we call a textbook case?

Rebeu well fucked by Thiago Monte

It makes the good man in the city but as alpha as it is this well-done rebeu will give his big ass like the last of the bitches to the big cock of Thiago after having pumped it very greedily.

The mystery of the bareback fuck of the red room

For his second sex tape, Maxx, the detective perverse will this time solve the mystery of the ass in jockstrap of the red room. For that he is going to make bareback excavations in depth for the biggest pleasure of the big ass of the slut to explore.