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Baràm is bored today because he has no one to suck his cock or to fuck his ass. Fortunately, he can count on his toys! From the small dildo to start dilating to the XL braquemart, there's something for every hole!

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This handsome, hairy and well hung straight man invites you to sniff, smell and idolize him in a video that smells like sweat and hot cum!

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In the backyard of a screw factory, a tight and submissive little ass is going to be unscrewed with a sledgehammer. Baram and his big cock are on duty for this precision operation.

Maxx Winsport in muscles and juice

Since his last solo video Maxx has been going non stop to the gym and he has put on some muscle ! Check out his big pecs and powerful biceps that allow him to grab his big juicy cock for our greatest pleasure! Open your mouth...say "ahhhhh"...and swallow!

Baràm shows off and jerks off just for you

Baràm, our beautiful Venezuelan and his 21 cm full of juice invites you to a final wank of the end of the year and with a spurt worthy of a firework!

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Baram meets the Jean Carlos and it immediately stuck between them two. Longing kisses, tender embraces, reciprocal sucking and hot fucks in the patio of an abandoned house. That's love at first bite.

Come take your orders at the feet of the straight boss!

Have you always had a submissive bastard mind? Do you know where you belong? At the feet of a straight boss who despises you! Come and take your orders here and now!

In immersion with Nicholas Bardem & Bony Babyron

Discover or rediscover the mythical scene shot between Nicholas Bardem & Bony Babyron for the movie Barcelona Mon Amour, under the vicious camera of Thiago Monte

Little slut subjected to the latino boss

Doe eyes, luscious mouth, beardless body, Baràm has found a new little slut that he's going to format with his big perverse cock. Deep throat, ass pounding and creamy facial ejec, for a 100% latino video

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Two beautiful Latinos are engaged in a war of tails in a small hotel room in South America. Here it's the one who has the biggest and juiciest one who will fuck the other. It smells the sweat and the sperm in the favela.

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