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A good big dose of fair love

Baràm in love plan with a beautiful Latino with silky hair is going to let himself be pumped like a pasha before filing the ass of this young slut well deep and offering him his divine nectar as a reward.

A double load of sperm

Faraon & Bony are on a bed and kissing languorously but when the time to kiss has come, we take out the guns and we shoot good big doses of juice!

The elevator of my fantasies | Roxas & Wolf Rayet

Roxas, impressed by Wolf Rayet's raw beauty, imagines a passionate, phantasmagorical embrace from the elevator to his hotel room. Full tongue shovels, deep blowjobs and powerful sodo against the backdrop of the sea, Roxas's fantasies are sometimes closer to reality than you might think.

Come and dose your big plump teddy bear

A bear well in flesh gives his orifices to our favorite Venezuelan and he likes it the bugger. Good pumping of the hard cock of his lover before being stuffed like a turkey. It squeals, it moans but above all it takes a lot of ass.

Bony Babyron in an efficient and juicy solo

Welcome to Bony Babyron, the turbulent actor from Madrid who has some great arguments to present to you in a hot and juicy first solo! Here is an actor who deserves his entry in the assault section of our site!

Kiss my ass in the locker room

Freddy Salavor and Favio Vador meet in the locker room of the gym and between the two of them the current goes well. They look at each other, they sniff each other, they suck each other and they fuck each other with smells like sweat and semen in the locker room of Barcelona.

Sensual dance and unbridled fuck between Rudy Fasso & Favio Vader

When two bodies with perfect plasticity meet, it is like a nuptial dance that begins. We sniff each other, we feel each other, we inflate our muscles and then comes the time of full tongue embraces. The dominant one ends up eating, expanding and fucking the passive one's ass before giving him his tasty nectar.

Two over-excited buddies do the gogo dancer
Two over-excited buddies do the gogo dancer

Apolo Adri & Santi Noguera find themselves at the Berlin Dark where Rudy Fasso, gogo dancer of a night, is going to tease them. Neither one, nor two, Apolo and Santi find themselves naked all excited for a good bareback fuck with the beautiful Rudy. Here is a gogo which does not make only light the dancefloor!

Prologue | Agents X 4 - In the Shadow of the Lube King
Prologue | Agents X 4 - In the Shadow of the Lube King

While waiting for the 4th opus of Agents X, discover the Prologue that introduces the new agent : Apolo Adri. Agency X has identified that a powerful businessman codenamed KING LUBRIC is preparing a new plan for world sexual domination. Agent Nando entrusts all the information to Agent Apolo, but Apolo wants to verify that Agent Nando is not a double agent!

Bonny's big juicy cock fucks Jota's ass
Bonny's big juicy cock fucks Jota's ass

To get back at his boss, Bony offers Jota, boss of a scandal magazine, a compromising video between Roxas and Nicholas but the price offered by Jota must be accompanied by a small bonus. On the program, availability of the mouth and the ass and good salvo of juice in the bottom of the mouth of Jota

The mystery of the bareback fuck of the blue room

For his first sex tape, Maxx decided to play the private detective and solve the mystery of the blue room's tight ass. For that he will make bareback excavations in depth for the biggest pleasure of the big ass of the slut to explore.

Hot bareback fuck between Roxas and Nicholas at Berlin Dark
Hot bareback fuck between Roxas and Nicholas at Berlin Dark

After having given his maximum to satisfy Thiago, Roxas must now exceed his limits to convince Nicholas to give him the main role of their next movie. On his knees, full of mouth and bottom of his ass, submissive as desired, Roxas plays the role of his life!