Stain deflated by young unscrupulous master

Time: 21 min

Dante (Fabien Fleury), an expert in all types of degradation, returns from the hunt during which he kidnapped a young guy (David Valentin) whom he transformed into a sexual slave in the presence of another bastard (Greg Ken) A cage of his den. Fastened like a sausage, the bastards will be taken into an iron cage by Dante where he will begin by dismantling the mouth of the defilement and sticking some well-felt slaps. He will continue his submission by being polished the handle by quietly smoking his cigarette before relaxing the ass of this young whore. Will sell the assault or rather the protrusion of the female by the thick thick cock of Dante who will transform her asshole into screaming cat. Dante will eventually spit out his hot cum boiling in the mouth of the bitch who will starve hungry and swallow everything she can.

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