Used by gipsy fucker
Used by gipsy fucker

Used by gipsy fucker

Gay video. Time: 29 min

Max Toro, a Hispanic gypsy, is on a mission to dope bitches in heat. Heading for the depths of Full Metal, where this greedy young submissive is already waiting for him naked, arched and greased. Direct le gitan begins with a thorough inspection. The ass is probed, the anal dilated and the hole moistened to measure its width and depth. Every good slut needs to have her jaw softened first, and there's nothing like a big cock overflowing with juice to lighten the glottis. She'll eat the bitch right down her throat. She'll take the macho's huge morsel right up to the balls. After this appetizer, the hidalgo will fuck the slut, who will go from princess of the ass to her majesty of the well-fucked ass! The enthronement will be adorned with an obedience session: Here, you shut your mouth and take it! You've got two jobs: pumping cock and eating cock out of your ass. A masterful finale: a bull's ejaculate that deserves an arena named after it! Olé!

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