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Guillermo Cruz

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Guillermo Cruz, a young slut in the service of Gustav (Matt Kennedy), decided to help agent Craig (Doryann Marguet) by inviting him to join him on the heights of Cannes. He will be able to test the 6 shots of the agent Craig 00SEXE on the hood of his convertible before the latter does discharge in his ass of submissive bitch. Good luck Mr. Craig!

Scene extracted from the long version of SCHYZO where we find sometimes Jordan Fox in perverse dominator, sometimes Mathieu Ferhati in tender lover and hugs for the greatest pleasures of Guillermo. Slaps in the mouth, huge cock of Jordan Fox at the back of the throat and widening of the hole of the young passive or languid kisses, caresses and tenderness and intense sodomy, the young Guillermo discovers the angel and demon side of Colby Kadiroff in a scene mixing in a way mind blowing the trio. (this scene combines the two separate scenes from the film)

Third episode of Lifeguard: The cute Guillermo Cruz is inspecting the beach when he comes across his boss Mack Manus, still under the spell of the merman. Mack is as horny as a dog in heat and he quickly grabs the boy and shoves his cock in his mouth. He must open wide to let his boss' huge cock get in! His ass is next!

Fall under the influence of an overbearing dominator! Become the bitch and the sexual exclave you've always dreamed of being. Be happy to serve holes empty balls to a big juicy dick, that of pornstar Jordan Fox, god fuck among the gods. The virgin hole demolisher turning your orifice into the metro mouth. In this new episode of Schyzo, Colby Kadirof (Jordan Fox) is back! 6 months after his job interview at the Saint-Christophe hospital in Paris, while he is crossing a young colleague (Guillermo) in the elevator, he throws himself on him to make it his sexual object. Grip in violent hand, slaps in the mouth, intensive filing of the mouth and disassembly in force of the hole making of its prey a lope subjected to its least desires. You will not leave unscathed from this scene, expect to ruin your silip so much you will wet like little bitches in heat.

Gabriel Phoenix is a vampire and he loves the taste of blood and virgin asses of his young sex slaves desperate to satisfy any of his whims. Angered by the vampire coming out of his brother Tiron (Jordan Fox in the film SUCKERS), he throws himself greedily on Guillermo who signs his comeback always sexy and passively perverse. Guillermo will first take care of the big cock Gabriel well tense ass and then get fucked savagely in all positions before Gabriel feeds his centenarian juice.

Guillermo gives her wet holes and gets dismantled like a good bitch
Guillermo Cruz in love, fucking hard like a whore
Young rescuer gets ass fucked by a macho colleague in the creeks
Young muscular Batard under the influence of the huge juicy tail of Jordan Fox
Gabriel submits Guillermo in a wet plane - Blood Brothers - bonus scene
Gabriel Phoenix vampires the Guillermo's - Blood Brothers - Scene 1
X-MAS 1- Guillermo stuffed like a turkey
With Passion
There are 2 other videos with Guillermo Cruz on this website There are 2 other videos with Guillermo Cruz on this website
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