A capo esigente presenta suo dipendente al suo comando ando suo grande cazzo

Who is the Boss? Guillermo Cruz, back in a torrid scene, will discover him at his own expense! The boss is Doryann Marguet and he likes it shines! He will quickly teach his employee where his place is, on 4 legs to begin by rubbing and washing the coffee that he comes expressly to drop to teach him the lesson. Then it moistens it in every sense of the word, the hole with his tongue and his saliva and the whole body in a wet tee-shirt bidding giving the stage a hallucinating dimension! Guillermo is like a trance under the effects of the shower that slams on his muscular body. He gets his mouth expanded then the hole like a little maid that discovers the joy of love and fuck. The head turns to him and he surrenders completely to Doryann for his pleasure and especially for our own. A hyper hot scene to consume without moderation.

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