Billy Bouc

Billy Bouc

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You know Billy Bouc, the power bottom of Mack Manus, but did you know he could do three cumshots in a row ?

In a disused hangar is held a game of poker bringing together some not very honest players, Mafiosi, a bodyguard and a dealer. Soon the situation becomes tense when you discover that there is a cheater around the table.The situation degenerates into orgy or entangled mouths slobbering on wet asses and cocks very stiff. Bang Bang in your face, the Mafiosos are in the place and will give you back to yours!

Before becoming the flagship actor of Mack Studio and an incursion into QUANTIX, Billy Bouc came to be cast by our house beater Ridley Dovarez team and he will play all these assets to be retained. One of the best greedy mouth of the porn galaxy will greedily wipe the handle of our cameraman until the juice that will take his mouth to the last drop.

Eden finally meets the collector who will rid him of his powers but for that he will have to be pumped juice to the last drop. It is a voracious billy mouth and ass that sticks and squeals with pleasure like a real little sow in heat.

Josh organizes a fight and while he is preparing for the grand finale with Ludwig, a young fighter (Billy Bouc) comes to announce that his foal has had an accident. Very nervous to hear this news, Josh needs to empty his balls and takes Billy in every sense of the word. For that first scene in porn, Billy does not let go (well anyway). Unsurpassed sucking mouth, round ass and curved slightly hairy welcome wish and abundant cumshot to fade the largest jacks. This new Fighter keeps all its promises.

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