Rastko Flash

Rastko Flash

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Published: 2018-04-10

In a world in ruins, 5 years after the end of the world, our soldier found in the rubble of TV dissent a young wild. The attraction is immediate and our two friends lack of tenderness and sex gives up to each other for an unbridled and wild fuck. Manly body, cock in the throat and dismounting ankle, a little tenderness in this world of brute.

Published: 2018-03-27

A heterodox dissident journalist learns that we are two days away from the end of the world by a military friend. After announcing the news on the networks, he decides to take advantage of his last moments yielding to the advances of his friend. Follows an unbridled fuck, determined to catch up. Licking panties, cock tail in deep throat before a good projection of the military like a good female who will end up licking the juice of his friend in their shed disused.

In a disused hangar is held a game of poker bringing together some not very honest players, Mafiosi, a bodyguard and a dealer. Soon the situation becomes tense when you discover that there is a cheater around the table.The situation degenerates into orgy or entangled mouths slobbering on wet asses and cocks very stiff. Bang Bang in your face, the Mafiosos are in the place and will give you back to yours!