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5 years after the first AGENTS X, the CREG 00SEXE agent is no longer and a new threat is emerging that could undermine the global balance of sexuality. This time the "male" comes from the cold and more precisely from Moscow. Agent Dmitri is determined to destroy our favorite gay spies. Led by MERE SUPERIOR, the international community of agents X joins forces via the defense protocol ALPHAS DU CENTAURE, but will that be enough to foil the SIBERIAN STORM that is coming ?

After a day's work, Nils returns to find her husband Shawn. The need to clear your head (but not only ...) is felt. After the kisses, the temperature will quickly rise ... Shovels, sucks, penetrations, enter the intimacy of this couple who lets go in front of you without moderation and without a hood!

We will not lie, our beautiful blond stallion we have severely missed! Eden Frost is back and before discovering it in new adventures, he offers us a taste of his know-how and no doubt, he always did it to excite us with his glowing embers and his tail well juicy.

The agent Dimitri is a male coming from the Siberian cold weather and his mission: to get his hands on a control device of quantum nanoparticles and to remove all X agents with his big calibers. The agent Petit Q will be the first to pay the price and be well disassemble pussy like a good dog.

Théo came specially from Brussels to venerate the big tail of Filip Paris, a newcomer. Filip loves to be worshiped the tail especially when the bitch is hot.

Aythan the straight guy fucks Nils discreetly
Aythan the straight guy fucks Nils discreetly

When you have a straight friend you often fantasize about fuck it but Nils will quickly understand which of the two is the boss. Although subject to Aythan's big dick, will Nils be surprise by his boyfriend, Shawn?

David Valentin fucks his mouth by Roméo Davis
David Valentin fucks his mouth by Roméo Davis

Passing through Paris, Romeo Davis asked Thiago Monte "Tell me Thiago who has the biggest mouth?", "Romeo, my Romeo, it is David Valentin who has the biggest and especially the deepest". Neither one nor two, Romeo summoned David to verify this! So does he have the biggest and deepest mouth in Paris? Answer at the end of the video!

Final explosive between a Gustav (Matt Kennedy) more insane than ever and a Craig 00SEXE (Doryann Marguet) at the mercy of last but the agent Craig has of the resource and in two time, three movements will know to return the situation to his Advantage to engage in an epic and sexual anthology fight. Melee body, stuffing of anus, picture of the mouth of Gustav before enlargement of the hole for an apocalyptic final where the juice will flow afloat.

A heterodox dissident journalist learns that we are two days away from the end of the world by a military friend. After announcing the news on the networks, he decides to take advantage of his last moments yielding to the advances of his friend. Follows an unbridled fuck, determined to catch up. Licking panties, cock tail in deep throat before a good projection of the military like a good female who will end up licking the juice of his friend in their shed disused.

While we are 1 days before the end of the world, a handler continues to work not knowing what else to do. Eden joins him to confess his true nature and fuck with him one last time. On the boxes of the shed, Raphael sinks deep in the throat of Eden's big cock before impaling on his cock. Disassembling ass in order for a hungry slut.

In a world in ruins, 5 years after the end of the world, our soldier found in the rubble of TV dissent a young wild. The attraction is immediate and our two friends lack of tenderness and sex gives up to each other for an unbridled and wild fuck. Manly body, cock in the throat and dismounting ankle, a little tenderness in this world of brute.